Yeastar YSCT Certification Training Success in Richmond Hill

We've had our first graduating class for the Yeastar YSCT Certification this past Tuesday in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.  It was a terrific group with 7 students including Tom and a wealth of telecom knowledge that spanned over 40 years.

Yeastar certification provides knowledge based training of telecom topics and prepares the students with the skills required to configure and deploy commercial phone systems.  The domain may be Yeastar but the concepts and knowledge are fully transferable to any phone system either legacy or VoIP.

We reviewed basic setup of the phone system, ring groups, IVR, extension setup , customizing voice prompts, faxing, conference bridges and more. 

The Yeastar Telecom Certifications are a broad set of certifications consisting of 5 courses and exams.  The intermediate and advanced courses cover topics including:

  • Securing your VoIP phone system,
  • Integrating your VoIP phone system with legacy analog systems and other VoIP systems,
  • Advanced call routing
  • Advanced troubleshooting

To learn more about the Yeastar Certification program in Canada, visit

Canada Job Grant Qualification

The Yeastar certification programs in Canada qualify for the Canada Job Grant subsidy provided by the Canadian government and participating provinces.  To learn more about the Canadian Job Grant program visit,  Alternatively contact Irfanali Moledina for assistance for applying for the subsidy.  Irfanali can be reached at RMI & Associates ph:403-457-4232



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