Windows Storage Server for Small Business

Windows Storage Server for Small Business

This Server has been used for a week and bought for just over $1500 in November by one of our customers. Selling it now for $1000.



This server is perfect for:

  • Book-keepers and Accountants to keep customer files
  • A Small office that need a central place to organize files
  • A small office that need to backup their office computers


This server uses Windows Storage Server 2008 and not some uncompatible Linux version. Its very easy to maintain and use – just like using Windows. Its also compatible with Mac computers.
It comes with the more expensive Enterprise grade hard drives for use in servers. Specifically, 4 of WD3009FYPX. Thats a 3T Western digital server grade drive.
It comes with redundant gigabit ethernet connectors, two ultra-fast USB 3.0 plugs and two power plugs so you can have redundant power. Its only ships with one transformer though.


This server has special software so you can securely and remotely access your files over the internet just using a web browser. This functionality can be turned off if you don't want to use it.

The storage server is a Western Digital DX4000 with four 3Terrabye drives for a total space of 12Terrabytes. Using RAID for safety will reduce the usable amount. For more information see:
If you need help installing or configuring it, we can help too as we do business computer support for companies in Calgary and surrounding area.

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