Why We Recommend Refurbished Laptops and Computers to our Customers

We recommend commercial grade refurbished equipment to our customers because it saves money and will last.  There are some reasons not to buy refurb equipment too.  They include: 

  1. No factory warranty
  2. Not the latest or fastest
  3. Cannot guarantee its the same make and model as existing equipment in the office


What To Watch For When Buying Refurbished Computers

Commercial grade servers, laptops and computers have better components that will last longer. They are also more upgradable and thats why we recommend them. DO NOT BUY CONSUMER GRADE REFURB EQUIPMENT. Consumer grade equipment is lower grade and will not last.

There are two things we look for with commercial desktop computers or laptops. 1) They must be at least an Intel i5 proccessor. 2) They must be upgradable to at least 16G. 3) They come with a "Professional" version of Windows and not a Home version. They These requirements ensure that the computer will perform well in the next few years in a business office. Many computers from 3-4 years ago were sold with 2G of memory. Today we only ship out computers with at least 8G of memory in them. Make sure your refurb can handle more memory.

Learn more about refurbished equipment we have and visit:  https://www.it-support-calgary.ca/services/refurbished-office-grade-equipment.html


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