Cordless Phone Alternatives for the Nortel Phone System and the T7406

There are better solutions for using a cordless phone with a Nortel phone system. The cordless phone that Nortel created for use with their phone system is the T7406. Its been practically 20 years since Nortel closed shop and these phones were deployed. Cordless phone and battery technology has become generationally better in that time.

Analog phone ports built in that work in a similar way to the ports from Telus, Bell or Shaw. This means that you can plug an analog phone directly into the Nortel phone system without any additional equipment. If your Nortel system didn’t ship with analog ports built in or if those ports are already in use, Nortel created an accessory called an ATA to allow analog ports to be added. The device you’ll need is a Nortel ATA2 and is available as a refurbished product.

Recommended Cordless Phone for Business

We’ve used a lot of cordless phones over the years but our favorite is the Motorola XT801. This is a bright orange cordless phone that is ruggedized, waterproof and has excellent range and battery life. Always buy the single handset with the single charging base model. There are models that come with multiple handsets but this will make the usage of the phone confusing as the multiple phones will all share the same extension. By ordering multiple of the single handset / single charging base model, each cordless handset will have its own extension and its own voicemail on the system.

Cordless Phone Features on a Nortel Phone System

When connecting an analog cordless phone on your Nortel phone system, you retain all the features of any other desk phone on your phone system including ability to transfer calls, received calls directly on an extension, be part of a ring group, voice mail, call restrictions and more. The limitation of the using a phone like the Motorola XT801 is that there are not dedicated buttons for these features and “star codes” will need to be used to initiate the transfer. Its easy to do but not as simple as a dedicated button.

There is some Nortel programming that is required to configure a new extension like this analog cordless phone extension. If you would like support, we can open up a support ticket to help configure your Nortel phone system and have a technician reach out to you.

The British North American Act

I’m hearing people say that Equalization payments have been part of the Constitution since confederation and then I hear that Canada really never had a Constitution until 1982 and there really never was something called Confederation and certainly not from our first Prime Minister, John A MacDonald. So where does this stuff come from?

I imaging a fraction of a fraction of people have read the British North American Act (also known as the Constitution Act) I’m going to dig into it and see if this stuff is in there. For anyone thats interested. The B.N.A. act can be found at:

2019 Minimum Recommendations for Business Computers in Calgary

Better computers on-a-budget are a reality for Calgary business. Getting more distance out of each dollar is a particular focus for all of us. Here are some recommendation on how to do that.

  • Buy commercial grade desktop and laptop computers. These computers cost significantly more but its not because of bigger margins for resellers. These units have better components that lead to significantly less problems and lower support costs when there is a problem. Look for brands like HP, Lenovo and Dell but stay away from their consumer lines
  • Consider Refubished to save money. Government and larger business turn over their computers every couple years. They still have lots of life in them. You can get these computers at 50% of a brand new equivilent and their still much faster and more reliable than consumer grade computers.

Minimum Suggested Requirements

  • Here is what I think you should set for a minimum computer specs for business:
  • – 6th generation i5 Processor (Current generation is 9)
  • – 240G SSD storage drive
  • – 16GB memory
  • – Commercial grade line from a common brand (HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc)
  • – Windows 10 Pro
  • – Notebook computers should have numeric keypad

Alternatively delay the purchase and make small investment into your current computers. Upgrading memory and installing a SSD storage drive in your computer. will significantly increase the speed and life of your computer.

HELIA does have access to refurbished commercial grade computers as will your current IT support people. If you looking for cost savings, contact your current tech pro or reach out to HELIA.