Why I Like My Brand New Flip Phone

Switching Back to a Flip Phone.

Switching from a smart phone

I lost my Samsung Note over the weekend. I scoured the house and couldn’t find it anywhere. Problem is, I couldn’t phone it because the thing has a 6 hour battery life and it was definitely going to be dead.

I’ve been looking at quitting the smart phone trend for months now. It was a year ago when I got my Samsung Note as a replacement for my Blackberry. After the first week, the love was lost.

I carry a phone for two simple reasons:

  • be available to customers and the office.
  • quickly make calls.

All the smart phone apps and “efficiencies” are nice but imho, fluff. When I really really need an app, I pull out my tablet or laptop.

I’ve been using my Doro PhoneEasy for a couple of days now and absolutely love it. (http://www.dorocanada.com/products/Cell-phones-and-accessories/Doro-PhoneEasy-612/)

Reasons I love my new Doro PhoneEasy

  1. Long battery life. I didn’t charge my phone last night. I’ve been using it all day today and still have over half battery life. Whenever I wanted to use my Samsung Note, it seemed like I was getting a low battery warning. It gave me 3 hours unplugged time and 6 hours after I did a factory reset.
  2. The ringer is super LOUD. It doesn’t matter how noisy the room is, I hear the ringer
  3. No unlock screen. Most smartphone have some sort of unlock you need to do before you can do anything. With my Doro, its just flip and dial
  4. The keyboard is instantaneous. I joke that it must have an incredibly fast processor because as soon as I open it, the keyboard is already there. My Samsung Note would frustrate me every time I would it because of 1-4 seconds response time. This might not seem like a lot but as any user interface designers knows, this is an extreme delay.
  5. Dedicated speed dial buttons. The Doro has 4 dedicated speed dial buttons that I can use to program my family and office numbers. If you’re a Rogers My 5 user, this makes phone use just a little bit easier by dialing your big callers with a single button.
  6. It comes with a lanyard. This might seem tacky but we all misplace our little devices. The lanyard keeps it from being lost in my bag. When I have full hands, I can hang it around my neck. When I go home for the day, I can hang it from a door knob.

The Doro comes with text messaging, a camera, FM Radio, Bluetooth and other common features. What I like best is the pick-up and go, absolutely intuitive use. This is the best phone for a busy person. For everything else, get yourself a small tablet

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