Why Can’t I Send Email To Some Customers?

HTLogoV3_72hWe're working through a ticket now where an Office365 user can't send email to a supplier who has their email on Rogers.com. Its the only place they can't send email. We've gone through all the standard fixes like white listing email addresses and domain and confirming mx and spf records are correct. Still mail will not arrive.

The Error is:
Local senders are prohibited to send to local recipients without authentication

Now our Office365 customer is not on a Rogers server and so should not be considered "Local".

In the end it seems that Rogers uses the same email provider as Telus and our Office365 customer had once upon a time been on Telus email and that Telus had not fully deleted the customer data from their servers. As such the Roger's account was using data from an old Telus account.

If you are Rogers email or Telus email, We recommend moving your company to Office365. You can still use your companies web address. To find out more about moving your company to Office365, Visit www.Helia365.ca

ps. I found my support call with Roger's to be incredibly insecure and disconcerting. They directed me to send emails about the error details to the customer's private email address and said they would retrieve it from there – which they did while I was on the phone. It seems that Roger's technical support has access to read the private emails of their email customers.

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