Why Buy a Windows Server for Your Small Business

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Why Windows Server?

  1. Best for Quickbooks and other larger accounting packages
  2. Common space to share files
  3. Easier Safer Backup

Why Buy a Windows Server

More Reasons for a Windows Server

  1. Technology Management is easier for passwords, printers
  2. Security is much much better
  3. Server equiopment keeps data safer with RAID drive mirroring
  4. Remote Access to files from anywhere
  5. Remote Desktop access to programs from anywhere

What Do You need for Windows Server Software and Licenses

  1. Multiple Servers? More than 25 user = Windows server 2012
  2. CALs – Client Access Licenses required for each user that connects
  3. Windows Server Essentials is best for small business

What About Hardware and Equipment for Windows Server

  1. Simple PC is not recommended
  2. Refurb Server can reduce prices
  3. Small Business Grade Server. is the best all around option.

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