Using Cordless Phones in Your Wholesale Business

Using Cordless Phones in Your Wholesale Business 

There are quite a lot of things to attend to when running a business. In order to ease the burden of heavy duty tasks, reliable equipments as well as efficient and constant communication are necessary. In a wholesale business, for instance, cordless phones are very helpful for an obvious reason convenience

Wholesale businesses opt for cordless phones instead of the typical landline because of the mobility and convenience they brings. Because these are cordless, calls can be taken anywhere. Imagine being able to attend to a call while working in a remote station. Many cordless phones nowadays can already support a wider phone call range, meaning phone calls from the cordless phone can be accommodated at a distance of up to three meters or more. Some cordless phones allow communication within the same building or at some particular distance from the base station.

A cordless phone in the office allows one to multitask, which makes it a good aide to become more productive with business dealings. Unlike with corded phones, one is forced to stay at a particular place. This is more stationary and the amount of tasks accomplished is limited to that which is within hand’s reach. The mobility is limited and, in a way, the productivity is also hampered.

Because of the technological growth, cordless phones are now digitized, such that there can be multiple voice paths for three way conference calls. In other words, not only do the cordless phones accommodate calls between two people on the line, but they also make possible multiple person interactions.  With a corded phone, it’s hard or almost impossible to achieve this kind of functionality since it works through wires and lines that connect the phone to the base and uses transmitters to transmit audio to another line.

There is also no question about the quality of cordless phone calls. There are cordless phone that work through the internet such as the VoIP system and many cordless phones are made with higher frequencies so that there is less interference and the possibility of eavesdropping is eliminated.

Security is another aspect that is important in wholesale businesses. There are confidential exchanges of transactions through the phone, which can be easily wiretapped with the use of clandestine equipments.  Whereas, the cordless phone is equipped with the digital spread spectrum to enhance security.

With a multi connected cordless phone, the wholesale business can be up and running. The business can stay connected with distributers, merchandisers, and retailers anytime. With a cordless phone, there will be less unanswered calls. Sometimes, calls are not attended to because an employee, for instance, is too busy to go to the phone station or that the phone is too remote.  Since a cordless phone is portable, there is no excuse to not answer the calls anymore. 

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