Why I Use My Phone Instead of Email?

Why I Use My Phone Instead of Email?

I’d rather use my phone than email when I am in an urgent need to communicate with someone as I find phones more and more convenient than emails. And it is not just me who believes that- many reading this will agree with me, I am sure. There are lots of reasons for the same and reasons vary from person to person, usage to usage. I would any day back for phones, no matter what. Do you ask why? I will tell you why.

I would rather express with a blend of words, voice and tone through phone than just plain words through email. I might not choose the correct words and my expressions might go wrong. And how much do I type in an email? A phone allows me to express myself clearly and even if I am lacking words, my tone and sounds say it all- it gives a personalized touch to the conversation, which is very much preferred and appreciated, in a business circle. The way someone speaks in a call conveys the exact mood he is in which leaves no room for assumptions. Another thing, what if I am in a hurry to convey something? Will the other person understand that and read my email the very moment? No. Email reading will happen according to convenience and might not happen at all if other work related email follows. Expect your urgent message to slip down in the pile of other emails. Isn’t calling better? Any day, it is.

With a phone call there is no procrastination unlike emails. You can delay reading of an email or text message but when you receive a call, the person on the other end is all ears and the work usually gets done then and there. With an email, a conversation requires a lot of trail mails in case there are doubts or questions unanswered. Isn’t that time killing? Why not just pick your phone and clear away doubts in a short call? Five minutes of call is way better than twenty minutes of follow-up mails. Another drawback is waiting time. When you email, you keep waiting for responses from the other party, which is a definite waste of precious time during working hours. He might even take days to reply to your email. No wonder I would love a phone call any day for all the above reasons.    

Jennifer @Helia

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