Unboxing the Ubiquiti Nanobeam M5 Building Connecting WiFi Bridge

As networks and IT become more essential, remote buildings need to be connected so that security cameras, phones, computers and wifi and be deployed.  Putting cable in the ground is an expensive solution especially with wifi bridges being readily available.

We use the Nanobeam M5 antenna to extend computer networks to remote buildings.  Its a very cost effective and reliable solution that can be quickly set up.

A minimum of two antennas are required.   When we are designing for a large site, we place a omni-directional antenna that has 360 degree coverage in a central location and then place one of these nano beam antenna's on each of the buildings of the site.   This allows us to connect all buildings together quickly  in a common network without any digging underground cables.

The Nanobeam M5 comes in a 16dbi and a 19dbi version.  These are both quite powerful however the 19dbi is more poweful than the 16dbi.

We always choose to use the 16dbi because it is less expensive and does a good job.   Too much power can be a bad thing in wireless as it can over-power other signals and antennas and actually cause performance problems.

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