Unboxing the Snom M325 Office Cordless Phone

The Snom 325 Office Cordless Phone is an excellent choice for any small office.  It offers 20+ cordless handsets to be attached to the base however only 4 active calls at a time.

We sent this phone out as a demo to a couple of our customers and we were very impressed with the responses.  They said that this was the best cordless phone they had ever used.  It was very clear and lasted a long time on a singele charge.

The Snom M325 is compatible with a wide range of phone systems including Avaya, Toshiba and Panasonic though as SIP/Voip handset license may be required.  It works well with VoIP phone systems both hosted and premise based and fully supported on the 3CX phone system that we recommend.  Visit http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca for more information

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