Unboxing the Netgear GS108PE PoE Network Switch

The Netgear GS108PE Network Switch our favorite switch for small offices and power user offices.  It has 4 ports of PoE which powers phones, cameras, access points and other devices.   With 4 ports it can power an office with 4 phones or less.

This is a smart switch which we find incredibly useful.   When there are network problems, smart switches make it very easy for us to diagnose problems remotely.   We can connect to the network and then ping the ip address of the switch and access the web interface on the switch.  

It has a number of advanced features beyond the IP address and web interface.  VLan support means it allows the network to be segmented and data traffic can be separated from phone or video traffic.   The loop detection feature allows us to quickly diganose whether there is a loop between switches in the network which will bring your network speeds to a crawl.  The switch also supports QoS for packet prioritization.  This means that on a busy network your voice and video traffic can take priority over data and maintain quality.

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