Divider and Layouts

Gantry for WordPress sets the new standards of freedom in WordPress themes.
Thanks to the Layouts slider and Gantry Divider Widget you can create stunning theme content without modifying any code.

How to setup layouts ?

Position layout

If you go to your theme settings → Layout Tab you’ll see a slider that lets you to select the desired column distribution (width) used for that particular widget position. Clicking on numbers above slider (from 1 – 6) gives you a possibility to set different column distribution depending on how many widget columns (1 – 6) you’ll use in that position. After you’ll click Save Button, Gantry will save layout for all possible layouts at the same time. Please don’t be scared by the fact that after saving changes layouts will switch to the 6 widget variant – this is a normal thing, and your settings are still saved.

What is Gantry Divider Widget ?

Divider Widget

Gantry Divider is a widget that allows you to set where the widget position should break into another column ie. placing 4 dividers between your other widgets will load the layout that you’ve set in theme settings for that widget position with 4 columns set.

Sample Setup

Can I place more than 1 widget between dividers ?

Of course you can! Placing more than one widget before any divider will result in displaying these widgets in rows (one above another).

Do you have a place where I can see the different widgets setup ?

Yes we do. You can go to the demo of the theme, Features → Widget Variations page. If you’d like to see how they’re setup and you got RocketLauncher installed you can go to the Widgets page and switch the override (using dropdown list) to the Widget Variations. This will load widget setup used for that page.

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