The Office Cordless Phone You Already Have

The Office Cordless Phone You Already Have

Using your Cell Phone with your Phone System

Using Cell Phones with your Phone System

Who doesn’t want a cordless phone in their office? We expect them in our homes and for the rest of our lives, we wander untethered to hockey games, little league, or out for lunch with a smart phone right in our pockets. So why not at our office?

With the advent of smartphones, you can. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Skype, your IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, your mobile phone can become your cordless phone by just downloading an app. When you get a call, you can chose to answer the call on your desk phone…. or on your smart phone.

Now here’s the amazing thing: This cordless phone will work outside the boundaries of your office. Whether you’re on the road or at the local coffee shop, your smart phone will ring for your office calls. If you don’t answer it, the calls will go to your office voice mail.

We have retail sales staff who cover a large sales floor and they use their smart phones as cordless phones. When they’re on shift, sales calls come into their smart phones. Afterwards they simply turn the app off.

Here is bonus #2. While your on the office Wi-Fi, there is no minute charge. In fact there is no carrier charges of any kind. If you do choose to wander beyond your Wi-Fi zone, you can choose to use carrier data which is usually far less than talk minutes. For employees, its win win. No cost and work with the comfort of their own device.

Bonus #3. Use your Bluetooth headset or in-car hands-free. I’m a huge believer in headsets. Its a big time saver to have both hands on the keyboard while I’m on the phone – which is often. Most people haven’t made the investment in a commercial headset for their desk phone. But… they already have a Bluetooth headset for their smart phone. Now you can use that for your office phone calls as well. Just like answering normal calls on your cell phone, office calls come in over your cordless phone app and use your headset too. It’s already there. Why not use it.

Now for the out of the box idea. Why have a desk phone at all? If you spend most of your time away from the office, you can have an office extension and office voice-mail all without even having a desk phone.

We’re working with a local college. They have over 400 phones. A lot of those are in dorm rooms. Most students have smart phones so we proposed this: Why not get rid of all but a few dorm phones – for emergencies and then give every student an extension. Students are now consistently reachable with there smart phones but the cost of the system is about 20% less because we don’t need all those phones. Not only is it more convenient but it costs less too.

Can this work with my phone system? If you’ve upgraded your system in the last 5 years, the answer is most likely yes. This technology is common with all current generation major phone systems. Often it is a feature that needs to be turned on or some, a little configuration. We help companies get the most out of their phone systems. If you’d like to just chat about using smart phones as cordless phones in your office or just to find out if its possible, please feel free to give us a call.

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