Telus DSL Internet Install and Tagging the Line

We do a lot of Internet installs.  We can put in business grade internet into a business for better pricing than Telus.  (Call us if your interested)

There are generally four types of internet used here Alberta:

1)  Wireless through CCINet, Xplornet, Velocity, Bell, Telus etc

2) Fiber – Generally through Telus but available from other providers too

3) Cable Internet from Shaw, HELIA and others

4) DSL Internet from Telus, HELIA and others.

When we provide and install DSL, Cable or Fiber based internet,  there are physical wires in the ground that someone at some time had to dig a ditch and put them in.  These wires are owned mosted often by Telus (for Fiber and Copper/DSL) and Shaw for Cable.  As such they are part of our process.

When we order Internet,  people somewhere need to connect wires to make internet go to the physical building.  There is no magic here.  They actually need to have someone go to the building in your neighbourhood and physically connect wires. They then need to visit the building and confirm that the wires are working.   This is why it takes time to get internet.

Telus tag new Telus tag

After this is done, they "Tag" the line.  This actually mean that they will attach a paper tag to the wire to let us know where the intenet is.  See the left for a couple examples of what the tags look like from Telus.

Its now our job at HELIA to make sure that the wires at the building telephone room go to the right place in the building.   We do that and then place a internet modem in place test and make sure that your computers have internet.   What a long process.

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