Why Your Telephone Answering Techniques Is Losing You Money

Why Your Telephone Answering Techniques Is Losing You Money

When a customer makes a call to a company, he expects to be accommodated according to his needs, demands and purpose. The satisfaction of the customer is basically dependent on how their dealings are handled. If the dealing is throughout telephone, it is important to take note of telephone answering techniques because, unlike actual or face to face communication, only the words used and the tone of voice will serve to manifest the goodwill of the company. Inability to apply the proper ways of answering a telephone call can lose your business money, among other things.

Listed below are the reasons why your telephone answering techniques is losing you money, that needs to be recognized and avoided as soon as possible.

1. Your telephone answering technique is impersonal.

The telephone call itself is a very mechanical activity, so human factors such as compassion, sincerity, and kindness must be extended in the call as well.

2. You are not being helpful.

A call that is not helpful is a waste of time in the perspective of a customer. As much as possible, listen to the demand of the customer, assess the situation and find out what you can do for them. If the customer can get something from the call, it is definitely a plus point to your business. Any benefit that will accrue to the caller, big or small, will also help your business in the long run.

3. The caller is inconsiderate and Rude

It is natural to receive calls from rude customers or individuals. But in business situations, a rude caller must still be dealt with professionally. You will most likely speak with different kinds of people with different attitudes but you must adapt to these differences all the time.

4. Unattentiveness

The caller’s concern must always be the focus of the conversation. Any distractions can appear to the caller as being a sign of disinterest or lack of sincerity. As much as possible, listen attentively to the caller and never disregard or miss any words.

If the caller is dominating the conversation by speaking lengthily, do not just stay quiet. Utter words of response such as ‘uh hu’ ‘ok’ or ‘alright’. In this way, you can show that you are interested and attentive in the conversation.

Telephone answering techniques should never be taken for granted. Every telephone call is a chance to establish a good name and reputation. Consequently, non observance of the proper techniques will increase the possibility of your business losing money. 

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