Why Can’t I Send Email To Some Customers?

HTLogoV3_72hWe're working through a ticket now where an Office365 user can't send email to a supplier who has their email on Rogers.com. Its the only place they can't send email. We've gone through all the standard fixes like white listing email addresses and domain and confirming mx and spf records are correct. Still mail will not arrive. Continue reading Why Can’t I Send Email To Some Customers?

Changing the 3CX Ring Tone for Internal Calls on Snom Phones

The official Snom ring tone is terrible. It sounds ominous. 3CX has decided to leave this ominous ring tone the default for all internal calls. If you’d like to change it, you can.

I’ve been testing with other Snom phone in my office. It seems 3CX has changed the way they do distinctive ring. 3CX used “Alert-Info” headers in previous version of the phone system. As of version 14, they don’t (They may still do it for a distinctive ringer on queue calls)

For internal calls, they now use a directory entry. It seems that any internal looking extension, the Snom phone considers to be a “Colleague”

If you go to the Snom phone web ui, and click on “Preferences” in the left menu. Scroll down until you find the “Directory Ringtones” section. See attached image

Snom Distinctive Ringer Setting