Making Office Paging and Intercom Easy – The Algo 8180

Most offices with paging find it difficult to page beyond the desk phone.  This is because the equipment to do paging can be confusing to determin compatibility and difficult to setup and configure.   Enter the Algo 8180 paging speaker and audio alerter.

The Algo 8180 is a self contained appliance that plugs into a PoE Ethernet cable and is easy to setup.  If you're using a phone system like 3CX Phone System, 3rd party provisioning templates are available to make setup a snap.  To get provisioning templates for the Algo 8180 and 3CX Phone System, visit and click on Templates from the top menu

The Algo 8180 works as an intercom, paging speaker and an external ringer giving it versitility and great value.  Its self contained, sip compliant design means it is easily installed and compatible with any SIP compliant phone system including Avaya and Panasonic though an additional SIP license may be required by the PBX manufacturer.

The Intercom mode allows two way communication over the device.  You can intercom out over the Algo 8180 by dialing its configured extension and the device will auto answer allows for easy and immediate conversation in common rooms and where ever the device is mounted.

For more information about the Algo 8180 Paging Speaker and Audio Alerter, visit our dedicated page at: