Special Phone Pricing for Churches and Non-Profits

We've been delivering phones lines and phone systems for over 10 years now and its long overdue to give more back.  Most of the Non-profits we've worked with have very old antiquated phone systems that are desperate need of updates.

If you have older phone lines from Telus, we can get you a new phone system with all the advanced features for the same price or less than what you're paying today.

If you know a church or non-profit that needs a phone system updated, we can help save money and get things working right.

Call Mel Madden at (587) 333-3377 or email support@helia.ca for more information.


☎ Darvin Zuch
Delivering More Than A Dialtone
Dar Zuch | Calgary | dar@helia.ca | (403) 668-7895 x200

I want your phone system business.
If your office is:
1) Moving to new space
2) Adding new people and new desks
3) Merging with another business
Or if your current phone system is just broken – I can help.

When you start looking at your phone options we’re ready to help out.


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