Sometime I Have to Make a Phone Call Instead of Texting/IM/Skype/Email Because…

Sometime I Have to Make a Phone Call Instead of Texting/ IM / Skype / Email Because…

Day by day, with the use of Instant Messaging platforms like the BBM, Whatsapp, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, G Talk, etc, the culture of calling someone is just fading away. While someone may argue that there are several advantages of texting rather than calling someone in person, like you can think before you speak, you can multi task, it can remove the barriers of shyness, texts are forever, etc.

I, personally think that I would rather make a call rather than sending across a text or a ping. Not calling someone may make the person feel undesirable. Also, when we talk more, the feeling, the expression is much more than when I text. Texts are not human beings, it can’t intonate, it can’t express as we humans do!

The number of text messages sent monthly in the U.S. exploded from 14 billion in 2000 to 188 billion in 2010, according to a Pew Institute survey, and the trend shows no signs of abating. Phone calls are slowly dying. One biggest draw backs of texting, for which I sometimes make a phone call rather than texting is misunderstanding. Text messages can be often misinterpreted, which could turn fatal towards relationships, is it at work or in personal life. Often at times, messaging someone could mean a half hearted effort as well, since one can’t write everything done. When it comes to my relationship, I again prefer calling since I don’t want my partner to thing that I am cheating on her, or I am texting since I am with someone else.

Calling someone gives me more social cues. At times; I would just do a conference call amongst my friends and laugh out loud. It makes me feel better, because I am able to connect with that individual instantly.  I would rather prefer to express a mood and a tone, which isn’t possible through a text. Similarly, at a time when one is feeling low or dejected, I would rather call than text since that way; I would be able to empathize in a better way which would certainly be more effective.

I do understand that some people feel more comfortable with texting or sending instant messages, but with the points mentioned above, I would most of the times pick my phone and call rather than text.  

Jennifer @Helia

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