So, You Want to do Video Conferencing

So… you want to do Video Conferencing.

Small Business Video Conferencing Solutions.

Body language is thought to account for between 50 to 70 percent of all communication, according to various researchers. Thats a powerful reason to go beyond phone.

More and more, we get requests from customers wanting to do video conferencing. Historically the choices were Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize and your budget started at $15k. Not good for Small business. Over the last five years, the advent of faster internet, and video technology has brought a plethora of video conferencing solutions.

What do you want from video conferencing?
The range of options and capabilities for video conferencing / tele-presence ranges as much as their cost which reaches well above $100,000 and exceeds the needs of a normal user. For the small business user, video conferencing means “I want one room full of people to be able to see and speak to another room of people”. That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Why then is there no clear answer on how to do it with a small business budget?

I was up in Lacombe, Alberta today visiting customers when Troy showed off his new video conferencing room. I was literally blown away by the simplicity and price of what he had. The most expensive part was the big screen TV which can be bought at any Best Buy or Future Shop. For $199 Logitech will sell you a Wifi web cam that sits on top of your TV and allow you to do HD video web conferencing web calling with any Skype user. Check out the Logitech TV Cam HD at:

Skype is not perfect, but its free and works practically anywhere, with anyone and with very little setup. Easy is what you want when working with technology.

Btw if you do want something thats more than Skype, Logitech has a slightly more expensive solution that will connect to any standard UVC conference unit and is called the BCC950. Meet the Logitech ConferenceCam

In 2013 join the 21st century and get more face time with your customers – digitally.

The TVCam HD is not available everywhere but can be ordered online… or directly from us. If you interested, we’d love to show it off to you.

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