Snom PA1 Awarded Product of the Year

Snom PA1 Awarded Product of the Year

Pulpit rockSnom PA1 has again proved to be a leader in the industry by winning the 2014 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. The Award is annually given by TMC, a media company recognizing innovative products in the technology and communications industry.

The selection process was based on uniqueness of the product as well as the manifestation of its commitment to excellence in advancing the technology and communications market. Being one of the recipients of the award is truly inspiring and motivates the company to work harder to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and to contribute to the industry. To be hailed the best among the rest is simply an overwhelming label which is at the same time a big challenge to live up to.

It is not difficult to see how Snom PA1 is very much deserving of the honor and citation.

A good product knows what the demands of the market are. The Snom PA1 is built to accommodate the audio needs of most establishments. It is a digital amplifier and telephone in one for broadcasting announcements and providing background music to any rooms and spaces. The product can be used in office floors, huge shopping malls and department stores, reception area, airports, hotels, and offices for public announcements. The audio efficiently circulates throughout a given area making communication easier for your business.

Unlike other products, the Snom PA1 is user friendly and does not involve complicated procedures for functionality. An announcement can be carried out by making a call to the Snom telephone in handset, headset, or hands free mode. There are several ways to use the product in accordance with the user’s preference as well as for convenience.

No matter how big or small the room is, the Snom PA 1 is able to distribute clear and quality audio throughout the entire space. Also, even if you use several units of the product, control and manipulation is not a problem. A built-in switch enables easier utilization by connecting the Snom PA 1 units to each other.

More importantly, the cost-saving factors of the product make it a stand out from all others. It is compatible with just about any loudspeakers available in the market, so there is no need to fuss about the equipments to go with your Snom PA 1. Also, you don’t have to allocate a control space for your units because you can optionally install them on the walls or ceiling. It is, therefore, not only big on savings but also practical.

The usefulness of public announcement systems is undisputed. In order to address a huge crowd or initiate interaction with the customers, businesses have to use this particular system. There may be some other brands available in the market, but the Snom PA 1 distinguishes itself by being user friendly and practical. It is, therefore, not surprising that the product has been garnering various awards.

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