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Setup PFSense for 3CX Phone System

3cx-partnerWe always recommend PFSense  firewalls for use with Phone Systems.   PFSense provides excellent value and advance configuration options to protect your network from intruders and keep your VoIP traffic running well.

We've created a video to take you through the basic setup of PFSense for 3CX Phone System.  See our other videos for additional advanced configuration.

In this video we will:

  • – Configure the IP range
  • – Configure DHCP Services
  • – Setup Option 66 Auto Config for Phones
  • – Setup Manual Outbound NAT
  • – Setup Port Forwarding

We can preconfigure and ship PFSense firewalls directly to you.  For more information visit:

PFSense SG2440 Firewall and Security Gateway Appliance


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