Senior’s Phones Ensures That You Stay Connected

Senior’s phones ensures that you that stay connected with the people who matter the most to you at all times.

Vtech phones brings an award winning range of corded as well as cordless phones that are especially designed for the seniors. CareLine Corded/Cordless Answering System with Pendant having model number SN6197 comes with a transportable safety pendant so that their customers can enjoy daily dialogue exchanges anywhere around the house.

With the speed dial pendant, you are just a one button press away from your family, friends or your emergency doctor. You can wear it around the neck or have it snapped to your waistband to ensure you get the best of the most mobility at home.

Since these phones are especially designed to help seniors, Vtech phones uses extra large displays and big buttons so a senior who is grappling with sight issues can still see the phone digits properly. Further the voice announcer caller ID gives the incoming caller identification so that the seniors do not have to stress themselves to view the caller’s identification. They can also attach a photo with each caller so that they can understand whose number is being called.

Vtech phones with model number SN6197 have around fourteen minutes of record time to proof all their important conversations. Additional audio assist facilities ensure that seniors could temporarily increase up the volume while they are on a call. Call for help facility is also activated on the phones so that the seniors can have one touch button dialing or voice activated dialing for help without any additional help from others. One can also avail the digital answering system that gives information on all the missed calls. One touch of button can retrieve all the messages that one has missed.

The uniqueness of CareLine system phones lies in the fact that it doesn’t require subscription to other third party subscriptions like other safety pendants available in the market today. One can use the phones as frequently as possible absolutely free of monitoring costs.  

The CareLine unit comes along with a wired phone, a freestyle cordless handset, and a moveable safety pendant. This unit is fully designed for the convenient usage by older people who often grapple with sight, hearing and other old age issues. Setting up is also easy and quick and a manual accompanying the kit educates the user on the numerous features of the phone.

This phone system can be used efficiently for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. The CareLine hanging speaker phone is very lightweight, and easy to use. The superior sound system of the phone enables one to call any of the four speed dial numbers alongside the two emergency dial buttons.


Purchase the CareLine unit of cordless and pendent phones directly from HeliaVoice to make your older parents or grandparents feel safer and more secure with the call to you from them being just a dial away.  

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