Senior’s Communications Addressed Most Effectively with CareLine Phone System

Senior’s Communications Addressed Most Effectively with CareLine Phone System

Old age can make the seniors face many problems such as loss of hearing, sightlessness and forgetfulness. Seniors who opt to stay independently away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives can avail the services of the CareLine phones to stay connected with the people that matter the most to them without any external help. In addition, old people suffering from old age related health issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson can avail the home safety range of phones from CareLine to make calls without taking help from anyone else.

The features of this home safety phone include a pendant portability system so that the older parents can carry them everywhere that they go including the backyard of the house. The mobility feature of the phone also helps old people hear an incoming call even if they are lazing in the garden or in other rooms of the house.

The CareLine home safety phone can also be placed on the floor so if the senior person falls down they can reach the phone and call for help.  The CareLine System has provision to connect around twelve devices at a home, which means one can connect the phone in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen at the end of the stairs and virtually every significant corner of the house where they feel they would require the phone.

The highlight of CareLine phones is their ease of use that enables people their age placing a phone call as simple as dialing a number or calling out the number as the phone also comes equipped with the voice identification system. Photo identification system in the phone minimizes their effort to remember whose name is associated with which number and so on.

The phone also has an inbuilt voice caller identification system that tells the identity of the person who is calling you. The phone also includes a call waiting feature that enables a person to put their call on hold while they are talking with some other person.

Since an older person has lower motor skills, the CareLine phone system has oversized buttons that enable the person with poor sight view the numbers on the dial pad.

The Vtech CareLine pendant mobility system comes with an oversized pendant having buttons that can reach the pre programmed emergency numbers easily. Other than this pendant been worn around the neck, it can also be strapped onto pockets, jackets or around one’s waist.

With absolutely no monthly monitoring fee, the Vtech CareLine Home Safety phone System is the best gift that one can give to their older parents or grandparents to stay in touch with you always.

Jennifer @Helia

The Vtech CareLine phones can be ordered directly from HeliaVoice and is a highly recommended excellent phone system that can help promote independence and well being for the seniors living in their homes.   We also provide building wide installation for retirement homes with special low monthly pricing.