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Fax is not dead

Fax is not dead

As a technologist and computer programmer since 1990, I’m still impressed by how entrenched fax is, in most companies. Having worked for technology companies, Fax has been banned over a decade ago but not all industries are the same.

Havens for fax machines remain in industries that are paper based like Mortgage brokers, real estate and law firms where things need to be signed and share with other professional outside office walls.

Will Fax Die? Not any time soon. For those that work largely with paper, Fax is far more convenient than scanning and emailing or any other option. There is a technology that is making it easier to continue with fax but reduce the paper load and do it quicker.

Introducing Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax

For those that work mostly from laptops the necessity of using a fax machine is antiquated. With Email-To-Fax, you can take send a fax directly from your email program. For instance, if you want to send a fax to CMHC Prairie Region, their fax number is 403-515-2933. You would go into your email program and send an email to and the document you want to fax, you just add it as an email attachment. When you press send, your documents are arriving on the CMHC fax machine. Its that simple.

Fax to Email works just as simply. We give you your own fax number (or we can reuse your existing number). When someone faxes to that number, you get an email and the fax is a PDF attachment in your email. It saves paper and make it really easy to email forward the fax to someone else.

One of the great things of Fax to Email is that every mortgage agent can have their own fax number. This keeps the paper work coming from lawyers more secure and private and only your eyes to see them. No more will your deals sit on a common fax machine back at the office wait for someone to tell you, your fax is in. You get your documents right away directly to your email box.

Most important, Fax to email is affordable enough to give everyone in the office their own dedicated fax number. The starter package includes 5 fax numbers and is $35 / month and includes 40 pages for each number. A busy broker needs more and there are plans to support hundreds of pages a month. Call or email to find out more

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