For Sale: Snom SOHO Small Office Phone System Bundle

For Sale:  Snom SOHO Small Office Phone System Bundle

This is a demo VoIP phone system. If you are looking for a brand new system, we have them too.

Features features features

Here are just a few of the many SnomOne SOHO bundle features:


  • Includes 3 Snom 300 telephones at discount
  • Includes 1 Snom 370 reception phone
  • Cordless phone Snom M9 is also available
  • Executive Snom 821 is also available
  • Supports up to 10 extensions
  • Available with optional AC Power Adapters for telephones for non-PoE** installation
  • Complete cell phone integration including ringing office and cell phone
  • Remote worker support – work from home, the road, or while traveling
  • Conferencing – includes ad hoc conferencing and pin code conference support
  • Auto provisioning – configures each phone for you automatically
  • Centralized address book – corporate and personal including web portal
  • Agent groups – ring groups of phones, stage callers into queue, overflow
  • Auto attendant – business hours, after-hours, offer dial 1 for x, dial 2 for y, dial 0 for z…
  • Hunt groups – hunts extensions
  • Alias names
  • ANI assignments
  • Hot desking – work temporarily at another location, have callers find you automatically
  • Voicemail – plus voicemail to email, call notification, missed call notification
  • Pick up, transfer, hold, park, intercom page, ….
  • Completely interoperable with all snom phones and devices
  • Group calls



    • Calls to ACD or hunt group can also be forked to cell phones
    • Call acceptance can be programmed
    • Caller does not hear redirection tones
  • Outbound calling



    • Keeping the caller-ID of the extension
    • Callback to cell phone or to PSTN number without connecting the call
  • Notifications to cell phone



    • PBX calls cell phone when new mailbox message available
    • PBX calls back when an internal extension becomes available

This Phone system uses Digital SIP lines which are different than Shaw or Telus phone lines but have a lower monthly cost. Shaw and Telus lines can be used with an additional adapter

**PoE – Power over Ethernet has become common place. Most manufacturers of IP equipment are discontinuing AC Power adapters in favor of GREENER technologies, such as a PoE network switch. PoE also offers the advantage of one UPS battery backup being able to power all PoE devices, like IP telephones, during a power outage. Please call us if you have questions about PoE.



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