Reliable Office Cordless Phone for Practically any Phone System | The Yealink W52p

The Yealink W52p Office Cordless Phone can be added to most current generation phone  systems.  This phone system is SIP standard compliant which means it will connect to any SIP compliant phone system including Avaya phone systems and Panasonic phone system.  We always recommend the 3CX phone system for any company between 10 to 1000 users.

The Yealink W52p cordless phone is well designed for small and medium business.  It supports the PoE network standard which means the device can be powered over a Cat5e / Cat6 network cable.  This makes placement extremely easy as AC power is not necessary near the device.

This phone supports up to 4 concurrent calls and 5 handsets.  From a single base, 5 W52h handsets can be connected and each has its own extension, its own voicemail or individual users.

One of the unique features of this phone is the dedicated Transfer key.  In the lower left of the keyboard there is a key marked "R"  I suppose that stands for redirect but it actually operates as a Transfer key.   One of the concerns most business owners have with using a standard analog cordless phone with their phone system is the lack of phone system features on it.  "How do you check voicemail?"  "How do you transfer a call"  Though these features are available on a basic analog cordless phones, they require the user to memorize series of digits or star codes to access the features.  Because the Yealink W52p is a commercial grade digital cordless for phone systems, it has these dedicated keys as well as other phone system features like a built-in centrally managed phone book.

This cordless phone does have a speaker phone built in as well as a 2.5mm headset jack to connect a wired headset.  Take a phone call into a meeting room and include others into the call is possible with this cordless phone.

Connecting to a phone system like 3CX Phone System, the W52p is auto provisioned which means its very easy to set up.  3CX provides provisioning templates for the W52p so all thats required is adding the MAC address of the base to 3CX and pressing submit.

At HELIA, we recommend the Yealink W52p phone as the standard phone for small and medium business that require secondary cordless phones.  They're high quality, reliable and easy to support and maintain.

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