Private Radio Towers For Better WiFi and Cellular Signals

DIY Radio Antenna Towers for Rural and Commercial Buildings

This week we installed a 55-foot radio tower just east of Red Deer at Foothills Camp.   That's about 5 stories tall.

These radio towers are simple enough to install yourself though you do need a couple of strong and capable guys to raise the tower.  After putting up a couple of these, we also recommend having a tractor or some sort of hoist available.  At 55 feet and loaded with antennas, these are not light.

Preparation Work for Tower Installation.

This particular tower design doesn't require concrete.  It comes with a base plate that's designed to be placed on normal earth and installed with spikes. Most of the support comes from the building that is next to the tower.

Set aside two days to get the tower setup, mounted and equipment attached.

If you do decide to use concrete, there is a "Hinged Up Base" available that makes the installation somewhat easier.  The base is buried down 4 feet and covered with earth or in concrete.

The building that the tower mounts to is very important to its stability.  The manufacturer recommends a single 10ft length above the top of the building though we've found with a little more than that, it's still very stable.   If you want or need to go significantly higher, guy wires will be required.   Guy wires attach to the tower and stabilize it in the three directions.

And yes the towers are CSA certified

Radio Towers Improve Reception

Trees, buildings and other solid objects block radio waves and wireless signals. Getting up above buildings and objects will give you a stronger signal and better reception.

The theory is simple. The signal is picked up from the source which will be your ISP for the internet or a cellular tower for cell phones and then re-broadcast much lower to the ground where people and devices are.

Do It Yourself Kits

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More Information about Radio Towers

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