How To Put Internet Access on a Schedule

You may want to block internet traffic at certain times of day or certain days. You can also get more granular on this an block only certain sites by IP or Block only certain computers on your network based on the schedule.

You would do this if your a school or a workplace that blocks certain types of traffic or websites during office/school hours.  You may also want to block internet outside of normal hours as a security measure when no-one is supposed to be around.

How To Schedule Internet Traffic with PFSense Commercial Firewall

Steps to Schedule Internet Traffic

  1. Create a schedule under Firewall > Schedules
  2. Create Firewall Rules under Firewall > Rules and specify the schedule
  3. Create an Alias under Firewall > Aliases to group computers that are part of the override
  4. Create an allow all rule in Firewall > Rules and specify the Alias to override certain computers.

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