RokWeather, as the name suggests, is an Ajax-powered weather widget which utilizes the Google API allowing you to easily display weather data and related information from regions all across the globe.

RokWeather includes options to display temperature, climate, wind speed as well as allowing the location to be configured from the frontend by the users of your site for more personalized weather information making RokWeather a perfect addition to any site.

Widget Features

  • Graphical Representation: the widget is packaged with images to showcase all types of weather from rain to sunshine
  • Location Chooser: click the current area and type your desired location and the widget will show the appropriate weather
  • Temperature Units: RokWeather has support for both the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperate scales
  • Forecast: Up to 4 days worth of weather forecast
  • Multiple Readings: optional parameters to show humidity, wind speed and weather descriptions

RokWeather Configuration

Options available at Appearance → Widgets → RokWeather Widget:

  • Default Location: The widget displays the weather information of a default location on first, or cookie refreshed, load. This option decides which location is chosen as the default. As the setting uses the Google API, any location that can be used by Google will work here. For example, the default option is Golden, CO and will display the weather details from this location. Remember that a visitor can change this setting for them, by clicking on the location title and typing a new one.
  • Location Display Override: When your default location cannot be reached by the Google API, you usually have to use a city near you in order to display the weather. However there are times where you really want to show your real town/city name. Here is where the Display Override comes in hand. It will gather the data from the default location while showing as a name the one set in this option.
  • Default Degree Type: As we have 2 temperature units for weather forecast (notwithstanding the Kelvin scale), you can choose between them in the widget. Although, the option to dynamically change the degree type on the widget is still present, this affects the unit displayed on default. For example, in the USA, you would want to display Fahrenheit whereas in Europe, Celsius would be the preferred option.
  • User interaction: This parameter allows to disable the ability for the user to interact with the weather widget, meaning the user cannot change location.
  • Enable Units switch: Sometimes you might want to disallow the user from change the unit temperature. With this option you can prevent it from happening.
  • Location Caching: This parameter is self explanatory. When enabled, it stores the location details in cache so that the details are not called fresh on each load from Google. This saves performance and improves performance.
  • Enable Location Cookie: When enable, this option stores the users location details in a cookie, that is, if they are selected a different location through the procedure explained above. Therefore, when the user refreshes, it does not default back to the location in the widget setting, but the one the individual visitor chose for themselves. It changes when the cookie has expired.
  • Enable Icon Display: In the top left of the widget is the weather icon which displays the current temperature and a diagram of the current weather. You can show or hide this image with this setting.
  • Enable Humidity Display: Another option offered by the Google API, you can set weather the Humidity reading for your area is visible in the widget.
  • Enable Wind Display: Similar to the Humidity option above, you can also control the display of wind data.
  • Enable 4 Day Forecast: The bottom of the widget displays the forecast 4 days in advance, this includes an icon of the weather plus other data such as temperature.
  • Forecast items to show: How many days of forward forecast you want the widget to display.

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