RokNewsPager is an post previewer and rotator. It displays content articles, in a summarised form, using mootools based javascript transition, rotates through a series of pages displaying articles in a contracted list format.

The widget allows you to display a large number of news items and links in a small compact area via its paging functionality and includes a multitude of configuration options and parameters to customize how your news is displayed.

Adding images to the posts shown in RokNewsPager

To add image to the RokNewsPager post, please go to the post edit mode and in the RokNewsPager Image metabox please type your image url ie.


  • Javascript Transitions: using the power of mootools, the module fades between lists of your content posts
  • Category Control: choose from which category posts should appear
  • Auto Update: select whether the module auto-updates using AJAX

All useful options can be found in the RokNewsPager widget settings.


Once activated, the RokNewsPager configuration panel can be found under the link RokNewsPager Settings in the Plugins SubPanel, rest of the settings are configured directly from the widget settings.

This is a breakdown of all the configuration options of RokNewsPager Settings Page:

Preset Themes: You can select between Light or Dark theme for the widget.

Load Custom CSS: Determinates if the RokNewsPager should load it’s default css styles.

This is a breakdown of all the configuration options of RokNewsPager Widget Controls:

Posts Category: You can choose from which category posts should be displayed.

Order: Sets the order in which posts should be displayed.

Number of Posts Per Page: Sets the maximum number of posts displayed on current page.

Show Content: Displays or hides the post content (both content and excerpt).

Type of Content: You can choose which part of post content should be displayed – content or excerpt.

Display Post Title: Displays post title.

Display Date: Displays post creation date.

Display Author: Displays the post author name.

Display Comments: Displays the number of comments in a post.

Display Thumbnails: Displays the post thumbnail if ones specified in it’s settings.

Thumbnail Dimensions: Here you can change the maximum size of each thumbnail image.

Link Thumbnails: Determinates if thumbnails should link to the post view.

Show ‘More’ Button: Lets you disable the ‘Read More’ button.

‘More’ Button Label: Text that will appear as an ‘Read More’ button.

Pagination: Enables RokNewsPager to paginate the posts.

Preset Themes: Displays the bottom bar with page numbers.

Max Number of Pages: Sets maximum number of pages to display in pagination.

Accordion: Enables the accordion mode in RokNewsPager.

Auto Update: Enables automatic page changing.

Update Delay: Sets the amount of time between page change/update.

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