RokNewsFlash is widget to display snippets of an post. It can cycle through post titles or a predefined number of characters of an post, which are cycled automatically. The widget supports navigation controls to override the automatic transitioning.

Use the nobox flush widget variation for best results

RokNewsFlash Configuration

Options available at Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokNewsFlash Module:

  • Load built-in StyleSheet: Disable if you wish to override the standalone style by custom template styling.
  • Theme Style: Light and Dark standalone themes.
  • Posts Category: Choose the category which is going to be source for the RokNewsFlash content
  • Content Type: Content or Excerpt of the post
  • Max Number of Posts: Control the maximum number of posts.
  • Item Ordering: Control tab ordering — Default : Newest First.
  • Use Title or Intro Text: Controls what is used for the snippet, either the title of the article or an selected content type.
  • PreText Label: This is the text which appears before the transitioning articles, such as Newsflash:.
  • Show Controls: Control the display of the navigational controls.
  • Transition Duration: This is the time, in milliseconds, for the switching of content items.
  • Delay Length: This is the time, in milliseconds, for the content to remain static.
  • News Indent: Input the number of pixels for the text to be indented (typically 5px more than the size of the pretext label).
  • Preview Length: Input a numerical value which equates to how many characters you wish for the module to show.

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