Phones, Skype, IM, and Email

Phones, Skype, IM, and Email

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone and posted it to the post office? It’s been sometime, right? Do you remember booking trunks to call long distance? Faintly, isn’t it? Okay! That has where the world have moved with the advent of technology and time. It’s really surprising that today’s present so quickly becomes tomorrows past.

The world has become technologically advanced, and the advancement is continuous. There was a time, when a telephone was a far cry for most of us and most of the households wouldn’t even have phones. Those were the days when one would walk up to a public telephone or pay and use telephone. Then came a time, when the telephones made way to people’s homes. Today, the phones have made way to everyone’s pockets and it just takes a simple tap to call someone.

Skype is probably one of the most widely used messengers in our time. I still remember when I was and my boarding school, some 20 years back, I had to rush home whenever I would want to see my mother. Today, even though I am farer to her than I used to be, well, I just need my laptop and make a call through Skype to see her! Wait! What did I just say? Laptop? Well, now that ease is available on my phone too. Apart, from options to made video call, Skype also allows instant messaging facility. The VoIP facility has driven Skype to now call even call other numbers (not just Skype to Skype calls) at cheaper prices.

Instant messengers like whatsapp, MSN, AIM, have also bridged the communication gap to a huge extent. Whenever we need to deliver a message, we are bestowed the convenience of our laptop or cell phones. We can just log in to one of these widely used IM services and have our message delivered. Today, even big organizations are developing their own IM services to increase convenience of communication within the organization through intranet or internet.  

As I mentioned earlier, I honestly don’t remember when the last time I wrote a letter on a pad was! With email facility on my laptop, phone, tab, etc. I just type in the words instead of writing it down. Apart from being convenient, I can now have my messages delivered much faster and moreover, I know if the message has not been delivered due to some reason.

I must say, the world has moved on!!!

Jennifer @Helia

HeliaVoice provides phone system and call center services for businesses of 10-50 people and helps you get more from your current phone system.  We’re happy to chat and help out where we can.  Feel free to give us a call.

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All the marketing in the world will not grow your business if you don’t answer your phone. Responding to the traffic caused by your company’s activities is proven to promote growth both in the short and long terms.

Hi my name is Dar Zuch and I’m the COO of Helia Technologies. We help companies with their phones.

Business phone systems can be deployed quickly for those looking to limit capital expense. Hosted phone systems today fill the needs of 90% of organizations with flexibility previously unavailable. It really comes down to a simple truth. Phone calls must be answered. Each and every one of them and before they go to voicemail.

Reviewing how your calls are handled and ensuring that callers are responded to quickly and consistently is the only sure way of growing your business. Come to one of our seminars or simply drop us a line.

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