Phones Made Especially for Your Senior Parents

Phones Made Especially for Your Senior Parents

Most people are worried about the safety of their aged parents especially if they are staying alone. The CareLine home safety system is especially designed for seniors to enable older people carry out their daily communication tasks with ease.

Keeping in mind the poor motor skills of seniors, CareLine phone system has all the features that facilitate the ease of phone operation for older people. Unlike other costly monitoring systems that are available in the market today, CareLine home safety telephone system offers older people an affordable safety communication channel that is well within their reach.

The CareLine system offers an exceptional corded as well as cordless portable system that includes great features such as digital answering system, big phone buttons with four emergency programmable buttons and many other inimitable facilities that offers great value to the seniors.

CareLine’s voice announce caller IDs enable one hear the identity of the person calling and photo dials enable for easy identification of the person’s whose numbers have to be dialed. Seniors with vision problems can especially use the photo dial facility to get the urgent numbers they want to dial on their fingertips. It also enables them to dial identifying the photo rather than remembering the person’s number. The senior has to just identity the photo and dial the speed dial number associated with that photo to get connected immediately.

The best part about the CareLine phone system is the fact that one can wear the phone around their waist, pockets or just as a pendant and continue with their routine jobs around the phone and still be connected with their loved ones or the emergency numbers which are strapped with them always.

CareLine phone system is portable as well as light in weight enabling seniors to carry it with them conveniently. Even from the pendant phone, the voice quality is crystal clear enabling a clear dialogue and exchange of information. The Cordless Handset can also be hung up anywhere around the house and in all there can be twelve phones that can be situated at different corners of a house so one phone can be placed in each room of the house including the bathrooms.

Another great feature is the Audio Assist facility that enables people with hearing problems to boost up the quality of their phone audio signals. The phone’s large screen and big buttons are designed to assist with the dwindling eye sight of the seniors.

The Vtech CareLine phones can be ordered directly from HeliaVoice and is a highly recommended excellent phone system that can help promote independence and well being for the seniors living in their homes.   We also provide building wide installation for retirement homes with special low monthly pricing.

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