Phone System for Small, Mobile and Home based business.

We’ve Finally Found It!

A Phone System for Small, Mobile and Home based business.

using voip to make calls

Most small business rely on cell phones or basic multi line phones. Thats a good place to start. Let me tell you why you need more.

1) A Common Number: Employee turn over is a fact of life. When you place cell phone numbers on your employees b-cards and they leave, customers calls contineu to go to them. A phone system will allow you to have a main business number and/or direct private numbers that redirect to your employee’s cell phones. When employee’s move on, you keep the calls.

2) Auto Attendant: In small business, its common for employee’s to share their phones between their business and personal lives. Auto attendants allow for a consistant professional greeting regardless of who the call is going to.

3) Call Groups: New customers don’t know who they should speak too. “Press 1 for sales” is the quickest way to get them to someone that can make them an active customer. A phone system adds call groups to your cell phone users. “Press 1” and all your sales cell phones will ring.

4) Voicemail to Email: In the age of mobile phones, voicemail should be easier. Your business voicemail shows up in your email as an audio attachment right on your smart phone or other inbox. It gives you immediate notification while on the run.

using voip to make calls

We’ve been looking for a solution that fills these needs and comes in at an appropriate price. We’ve finally found it.

Xcast Hosted PBX gives you all this and more. Your first extension is a flat $43 / month + $43 setup. Every extension after that is an easy $22 and $22. When you think about a old-skool Telus line with voicemail is $44 / month or $35 from Shaw, this is the best deal around and a big reason we’re so excited about it.

To find out about the other useful features or how you can make use of this for your business, give us a ring.

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