Providing Wholesale Phone Lines, Phone Systems and Colony Direct Dial since 2014

Phone Services for Hutterite Colonies

HELIA has been providing phone system to Hutterite colonies since 2015.   We provide a low cost, and comprehensive system to colonies that support both homes and shops.

Providing Wholesale phone lines, phone systems and Colony Direct Dial to Hutterite Colonies since 2015

Here are some of the things we do different:

  • Colonies do their own installation, mounting of equipment and setup to reduce the costs of the system
  • HELIA provides as little or as much support as needed.
  • We already provide phone system support to colonies in western Canada and into Montana and can provide support to any other colony to install a phone system, and keep it running well.
  • The colony has full control over the phone system.  We don't lock them out or limit access in any way
  • We can provide computer support and network support as well 
  • We provide wholesale VoIP phone lines to colonies to keep the price down
  • We are the providers of Colony Direct Dial which allows extension to extension calling between colonies.

To learn more about our colony phone systems, phone lines and other services just call me.  We can talk on the phone or come down and visit us the next time you're in Calgary.

Colonies that We Serve.

Here is a list of colonies that we provide phone system equipment or phone lines to at the time of this article.

  • Prairie Elk Colony (Montanna)
  • East Malta Colony MT
  • Cluny Colony
  • Leedale Colony 
  • Erskine Colony
  • Riverbend Farming
  • ArrowWood Colony
  • Bentley Colony Farming 
  • Blue Ridge Colony
  • Cameron Farm
  • Camrose Colony
  • Goldridge Colony
  • Granum Colony
  • High River Colony
  • Hughenden Colony
  • Miner Creek Colony
  • Plain Lakes Colony
  • P V Farming
  • Spring Water Colony
  • Sunnybend Colony
  • Sunshine Colony
  • Tofield Colony
  • Tschetter Colony
  • Webb Colony
  • Wintering Hills Colony


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