Is Your Phone Script Boring Your Prospects?

Is Your Phone Script Boring Your Prospects?

The tricky part about doing business through your phone is knowing how to engage your prospect. When a prospect answers your call, the challenge of keeping him/her on the line starts for you when you talk about your business purpose.

So how can you do that? Simple, throw away your boring phone script.

A business call must be something worth remembering. Even after hanging up, the prospect must recall the important points of the conversation. For these reasons, a phone script is created by many companies and businesses. 

Your introduction should raise the interest and curiosity of your potential customer. A phone script is simply a template or a structure of a basic phone call to a customer or potential client. As in every phone call, there is an opening cue that usually involves pleasantries and greetings. But the important part is in understanding that the prospect may not always anticipate such calls and is very much willing to hang up at any time; this is the basic premise of constructing your phone script.

Creativity should come into play. If your phone script is very ordinary, your prospect will most likely hang up on you in a matter of seconds. This is because people are tired of the usual telemarketer speech. The very commercial construction of words may work in a leaflet or brochure but it is different when spoken out loud.

The phone script should not be monotonous and robotic. A business phone call must be conversational and should not be a speech. Prospects prefer to converse with a human rather than hearing a boring, lifeless-caller reciting a script.

Emphasize the reasons why the customers actually need it. Instead of merely mentioning the good points of the product, build a unique selling proposition because that is ultimately what the prospect wants to know. Avoid mentioning things that are commonly read in magazines or shown in TV commercials since chances are, your prospect has already heard those things. Instead, talk about something new and unqiue.

Consider your target audience. Your prospects are diversified and they have different levels of engagement and patience. Anticipate the general characteristics of your prospect and use a phone script for the middle aged generations, the full time housewives, or the young professionals who have very little time for telemarketing calls.

Keep your phone script as short as possible. Every phone script must be time conscious because you are stealing a portion of your prospect’s valuable time. By the end of the call, your prospect will either feel that the call was worth his time or a waste thereof. If your phone script is too dragging, then the possibility of being rejected is high.

Your phone script can be a means to make business profitable and each phone call doesn’t have to be daunting but rather a gratifying one.


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