Unboxing the PFSense SG-2440 Commercial Firewall and Router Appliance

The PFSEnse SG-2440 Commercial Firewall Appliance is a high end router, firewall and security appliance  that can support a small to medium sized office.

We really like it because its the best firewall for VoIP.  We have headache free voip with this router.  If we have VoIP problems at a site, replacing it with a PFSense router is one of the first things we do. 

PFSense uses plugins and there is a plethora of plugins for many complex and abstract network tasks.  Need to restrict facebook or make your network child safe?  PFSense can do that.  Need to report traffic by user?  PFsense can do that.  Need to access your network remotely with VPN?  PFsense can do that.  Need to troubleshooting tools for a WAN? PFSense can do that.

This 4 port advanced router allows for dual wan and port based vlanning allowing you to route traffic based on physical port in addition to tagged VLans

Find out more about the PFSense SG2440 at:
PFSense SG2440 Firewall and Security Gateway Appliance

Find out more at:  https://www.buyphonesonline.ca/products/pfsense-sg2440-firewall-and-security-gateway-appliance

How To Backup and Restore PFSense Firewall and Router

PFSense is a commercial grade Firewall, Router and Internet Security device.  Its also opensource.  That means you get incredible value from the option of community support

With all critical infrastructure, the ability to easily backup and restore your config so it can be move is very important.  

I show you how to backup your full configuration and then restore it.


HELIA is an authorized PFSense reseller in western Canada.  We stock the PFSense SG-2440 appliance and provide support for PFSense.

Find out more about this device and PFSense at our online store at: 

PFSense SG2440 Firewall and Security Gateway Appliance


Configuring your PFSense Firewall to Limit Web and Email to Un-Trusted Devices

PFSense Authorized Partner LogoFor schools or businesses that allow access only to internal resources and web pages, blocking the internet is important.  

In this video, I show you a simple way to block internet and web from unknown devices while still giving access to computers and devices you trust.  We will be covering the following points

  • – Add a Firewall Alias for 3CX Phone System
  • – Add a firewall alias for trusted computers
  • – Allow outbound traffic for 3CX and trusted computers
  • – Block all other devices for standard web browsing and email traffic

To find out more about the PFSense SG2440, visit:


Firewall Ports to block for web browsing and email.  These ports are all TCP.

  • 80 – HTTP Standard Internet
  • 443 – HTTPS Encrypted Internet
  • 25 – Outbound Email
  • 2525 – Outbound Email Alternate
  • 465 – Outbound Email Encrypted
  • 587 – Outbound Email Encrypted Alternate
  • 110 – Inbound Email POP3
  • 995 – Inbound Email POP3 Encrypted
  • 143  – Inbound Email IMAP
  • 993 – Inbound Email IMAP Encrypted.