Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 4

Reason 4: They’re Broken. They Just Don't Work The Way You Want Them To

There is really much to gain by switching to a new phone system and letting go of the old phone units in the office. When your old phone is broken and won't work anymore, let it not be a cause of so much distress. On the contrary, it must be deemed a sign that you have to replace your old broken phone with a more efficient and highly reliable phone system. Of course, you can always choose to have it repaired but with the burden of spending more money and, not to mention, the delay and the adverse effect to the employees’ productivity by having to work without any phone at the office.

A broken phone is very hard to revive and you don’t want to have to bear the agony of having it fixed only for it to be broken again and again. If you can’t fix your broken phone, surely you can move on to better things  such as a phone system packed with the latest features which is all your business is ever going to need.

If you’re a small business on a tight budget, there are still suitable phone systems for you. Phone systems that can support two concurrent calls per line are ideal for your kind of business. Simple phone systems have a monochrome display but are already equipped with dial pad features for redials, transfer of calls, hold and resume.

To increase employee productivity with a new phone system, you can avail of the Sessions Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based voice communication. This is a highly recommended phone system because it is digital and accessibility among phone lines is increased so that the exchange of information between and among employees and managers is fast. More importantly, SIP supports applications such as videoconferencing, instant messaging, and file transfer, which can all be conducted with a high quality phone system.

Many businesses would be glad to know that the phone systems are made to be more durable than the older phones you had to constantly repair or replace. This has something to do with the components that make up the new phone systems. Many of them are designed to be mountable in desks, walls, and just about anywhere convenient. The energy consumption is also not a problem because many phone systems are equipped with power-saving options when the phone is in idle mode.

For these reasons, it is clear that replacing your old, broken phone with a new phone system rather than having it repaired is a more practical option.

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