Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 3

Reason 3: Ego – New Manager Wants New Phones Because Old Phones Are…. Old

In today’s business world, we can truly say that technology has permeated almost all business establishments. Many offices have upgraded to better and newer systems. A manifestation of such advancement is the fact that many new managers now insist on using phone systems in the office instead of the old and individual desk type.

Old phones can be an eyesore especially when put alongside the sleeker and more impressive models of phone systems. Phone systems come in various models. There are phone systems built with an interface to facilitate simultaneous calls at the same time. They look very modern and give a professional atmosphere to any desk or office. Many new phones now have really fine finishing of either glossy, matte or textured, and some are even scratch or smudge resistant. On the other hand, old phones look too bulky and, not to mention, wires and cables hang from all over the place.

A new phone system can definitely boost the ego of the manager as well as the employees, who can now work with ease and efficiency like never before.

Aside from the external looks and styles of new phone systems, which are attractive features in themselves, there are also other capabilities in store for those who wish to switch to new phone systems. The audio quality of every call can only get better because of modern speakers, handsets, and headsets equipped in every phone unit. Users can, therefore, expect crystal clear audio with every call. The line keys of every phone are also programmable. This kind of feature is most useful when assigning lines or features for speed dial. Managers have an option as to how many phone lines they would want to use depending on the workload or the volume of calls per day. A 2-line model can be used for minimal calls or a 16 to 20-line for heavier call reception and more active voice communication sessions.

New phone systems offer more features that are highly useful for businesses. Some of the features include voicemail, voice message broadcasting, call forwarding, and auto attendant. Apparently, they are not available in analog phones, which goes to show that old phones are no longer responsive to the more demanding and dynamic business environment where flexibility is the name of the game.

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