Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 2

Reason 2: They’re Doing Significant Hiring and a Lot More People Means a Lot of New Phones





Whenever a company conducts a significant amount of hiring, the number of employees increases and so does the volume of the workload. In this case, it becomes almost mandatory for companies to also upgrade their facilities and systems to expedite the operations in the workplace. One of the enhancements undertaken by many companies is installing a phone system.

A significantly high number of employees would be difficult to manage without a centralized phone system. The department heads and managers, from time to time, would need to correspond with the people under their immediate control for updates on the progress of tasks as well as for distributing assignments. Phone systems have voice message broadcasting capabilities such that a message can be transmitted from one source to many other phone units. With this function, a head or team leader can easily address the members on matters related to work. The workplace becomes a more harmonious place where communication systems are available for managers to keep track of work progress in spite of the huge number of staff or personnel. In a way, phone systems can contribute to the productivity of the employees.

More importantly, phone systems also provide for extension lines. This is possible for hosted phone systems which are provided for by telephone companies. For instance, workers can already access the network using their mobile devices such as cellular handsets, smartphones, and PDA phones.  With this, employees don’t need to be in the premises in order to take calls. At the same time, an employee can be reached anytime through his mobile device for anything work related.

Another feature of phone systems fit for a growing number of employees is their scalability. The system can increase its capability and output by installing additional hardware. There is no need to enlarge the system if new employees are hired, otherwise the company will just be wasting resources when the number of workers is reduced. The scalability feature is definitely cost efficient for many businesses.  

The phone system is flexible and can be adjusted according to the number of employees in a company. One system can work just fine for a huge number of workers and even when the work force is also reduced.

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