Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 1

Reason 1: They're Moving Locations and Put A New System in the New Location

Business expansion is a means or strategy by which a business improves its visibility by increasing the number of stores or branches in several locations.  On the other hand, relocation is also undertaken by businesses under different circumstances. Whatever reason a business has for moving to a new location, there will always be a need to fill in the new location with all things necessary for continuous operations. An important consideration when moving to a new location is putting up a phone system.

Due to the complexity of tasks in the workplace, a reliable phone system has become the core of overall operations. For this reason, businesses which open up new locations make sure to implement a phone system that is not only uniform but also interconnected with those of the other locations.

Phone systems have now developed and can function using different modes depending on the business needs.  They can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which is one of the earliest forms of phone system. PSTN works through a series of local loops or lines, and telephone offices are connected to each other using trunks. When the new location is a relatively small one, this kind of system is often employed as it can cover 30 sq. km. in an urban environment.

On the other hand, many businesses that move to new locations opt to upgrade and avail phone systems which carry calls through Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP. This phone system is suitable for businesses that are undergoing expansion because it allows conference calling and speed dialing.  This system facilitates constant communication and interaction not only within the office but also between the company and its customers.

Since a phone system that works through IP is wireless, accessibility is improved. For instance, it’s possible to have a unified system between two branches so that it is easy to exchange correspondence notwithstanding the distance of the two locations.

When businesses move to new locations, putting up a phone system is definitely a basic requisite.

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