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Not happy with your Zoom performance? Here are some tips to deliver better.

We’re now all in week two plus of our self isolation and working from home. Meetings are quickly shifting to online and from home and that’s not something we’ve had to do before. Here are some tips to stage a better personal Zoom studio.

  1. Dedicate some space to your Zoom studio. Keep it small and off of your home office work space. A Zoom studio doesn’t need to be more than a 4 ft x 4ft corner. The work-space is shared but the background is dedicated for your studio. The corner of a room behind your desk works very well.
  2. Cover up those bare walls with something interesting but not distracting. A inexpensive way to do this is to go to your local thrift store and buy used full length curtains. Curtains have simple interesting patterns and add depth to your studio in a simple and cost effective way. If the thrift stores are still closed, visit Walmart. Walmart is a great place to get curtain rods as well. When your studio is facing a corner and one wall has curtains. Place a simple book case in the other. Books are a colorful way to make an interesting background but you can also use colorful knick knacks and plants. Remember this is a studio and so this is not a place to store papers and other things. Walmart is a great place for simple book cases and shelves.
  3. Invest in a dedicated web cam and stick it on a camera tripod. Every laptop has a web cam and it will get you by. The camera angle is far from optimal and the quality is borders on acceptable. I recommend the Logitech Brio web cam. It has a tripod mount so you can get an optimal angle. Its a 4K camera but I reduce it to the minimum resolution. Because its a 4K camera, it has better optics and better low light sensitivity which makes a big difference even at a lower resolution.
  4. A better microphone will significantly improve your presentation. I often use a bluetooth headset for my smartphone, paired to my laptop. A wired usb headset is often less trouble. I recommend the Yealink UH33 for its quality and price point. A wired lavalier mic works very well as well.

The world has changed and Zoom calls will become a regular part of what we do. A investment into a studio today will allow you to deliver more professionally in the months and years ahead where we continue to self isolate and work remotely.

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