Moving VMs between Hosts on HyperV – Failed Authentication

We use HyperV Server to manage Microsoft VMs because of the cost and use the HyperV Manager app on other computers to manage the VMs on the HyperV Server machines. When we attempt to move VMs between servers with HyperV Manager, it fails with an authentication error because the destination server provides a authentication token that can only be used by the requesting computer (Computer with HyperV Manager installed) but HyperV Manager passes that auth token to the source server to perform the move which make them invalid.

There are two main solutions:

  1. add new permissions to the Admin user in AD so that the auth token can be proxied; or
  2. use powershell on the source server

As I expect you’re looking for a quick answer, here is the powershell comand:

Move-VM "BwSRV" BWAHV01 - IncludeStorage -DestinationStoragePath D:\vm

  • where:
  • – BwSRV is the VM Name
  • – BWAHV01 is the Destination VMHost and
  • – D:\vm is the destination folder on the VMHost

Make sure you VSwitch names match on the Source and Destination VMHosts or you’ll get other issues.

If you want to do the proxied auth token method, check out:

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