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Marketing Mentorship Academy

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As I met with business people this year and asked them about their keys to success , I found that investment in advertising was in common between them. Much earlier this year I was in a networking group where Doug Whelpton from Worry Free Mortgage ( He said he couldn't stop his radio advertising because of the negative impact it would have on his business even though cancelling it would make a big dent in the monthly expenses. We were having coffee with Christine Lumgair of Let Your Light Shine Online and same thing… When they pulled back their Google adwords, new leads dropped back significantly.

I've always been apprehensive about marketing and advertising, mostly because my background is technical and I've heard that when its not done right, it sucks money with an insatiable appetite. That is not of interest to me.

How does a business person who needs to do well at marketing but cannot hire a marketing team and likes to be involved? Visit the Tyler Zeck's Marketing Mentorship Academy. This 3-day intensive bootcamp will take you through how the service firms create a marketing plan for you. We participated last weekend and it was arguably the best spent 3-day seminar all year. Thanks Tyler Zeck and hope to see some new faces at the next event.

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