Instead of the Olympics, Lets Build Domes over Alberta Cities.

A large geodesic dome that covers a city is not science fiction.  According to Buckmister Fuller, the famous architect, the larger the dome, the lower the cost and the cost decreases geometrically.  In fact, he found that the problem of a city size dome is keeping it anchored to the ground because of all the rising warm air collecting at the top.

Is a Dome Realistic

There are many towns world wide from the US, to Japan to the middle east that have explored building such a dome and some have even started the construction process. Of course Mega projects of this size do require government support both in regulation and to finance. Much engineering has already taking place to make these city sized domes possible

Benefits of a City Sized Dome

  • World class engineering development
  • Patent portfolio development of local companies
  • Significantly lower the operating cost of cities through the reduction in lights, maintenance, heating and snow removal
  • Tourism
  • Extending the growing season for agriculture
  • Jobs, jobs jobs

Building domes over the hamlets, villages, and cities of West Canada may seem unrealistic but provides high paying jobs and world class skills that will last decades and provide a much better spend then $5B for the 10 days of the Winter Olympics. How about we fund a 30M study on building domes or a plebiscite for spending that money on a dome? It would certainly create more sustainable jobs.

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