Installing a Colony Phone System

We've been providing Hutterite colonies with phone systems for a couple years now and decided it was time to start providing a How-to manual.

Hutterite colonies are different from our normal urban phone system installs in that the colonies themselves do most of the work.  As such they need a deeper understanding of the technology, design and implementation of the system then do most of our other customers.  

There are 8 major components to Colony phone systems which are common to most other larger commercial installs as well:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. SIP base Phone Company
  3. Point to Point wireless network to connect buildings
  4. Internal Building Wiring to connect phones
  5. Internet Security Gateway (aka Firewall or Router)
  6. Church
  7. Phone System Server
  8. Phones

To view our Installation How-To overview visit our website for Installing a Colony Phone System.

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