How To Update the Main Greeting on Your 3CX Phone System

With Christmas around the corner, customers are asking how to update the greeting on their phone system.

I'll show you how easy it is to update the greeting on your 3CX Phone System.  It so easy anyone can do it.

Steps to Update Your Phone System Greeting

  1. Write out the script of your new recording
  2. Download and run "Audacity" software
  3. Using a professional USB microphone, record your new greeting in Audacity
  4. Using the "Compress" tool to optimize the sound
  5. Ensure your audio format is 8khz and 16 bit
  6. Export (not save) your audio file is a 16 bit Microsoft Wave file
  7. Find the appropriate Digital Receptionist greeting in your 3CX Phone System 
  8. Upload the new greeting file
  9. Test by dialing your main number or the extension number for the Digital Receptionist from your internal phone

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