How To Factory Reset a Snom 710 Desk Phone

The Snom 710 Deskphone is an entry level VoIP phone from Snom.  It provides a good stable deskphone for any desk.

From time to time, phones need to be reconfigured for another service or as another extension.  When this happens, sometimes the password required to access the current settings is lost and not available.  Re-provisioning the phone is still possible.

To factory reset the Snom 710 Desk phone or any other 7 or 8 series phone from Snom,  hold down the * and # keys and apply power while contininuing to hold down the keys.  When the reset menu appears you can release the keys and press 1 for "Reset Settings"

Here is how to factory reset a Snom 710 phone so that the admin interface can be accessed with the default password.

The Default password for the Snom 710 web interface is nothing.  There is no password by default on the Snom 710.   

The Default password for the Snom 710 PUI or phone interface is 0000 or a set of four zeros

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